7 IPL Catches that Redefined the art of Catching

Catching is an art, involving agility, anticipation, and hand-eye coordination. Over the years, IPL has been a stage for some seemingly impossible catches that turned the match on its head. In a loose ascending order, we have compiled 10 screamers that redefined the art of catching.

1. Chris Lynn pulled off something special: (2014)

Chris Lynn’s superhuman effort in the field to get rid of AB De Villiers was the best catch ever in IPL. It changed the outcome of the game in the fielding side’s favour. RR needed six runs in three balls and with AB at the crease, it looked easy. Positioned at mid-wicket, Chris came forward to get hold of a volley hit fiercely by AB. He slipped but was quick to recover and lunge backwards to seize the ball mid-air. Next, he curled his body to avoid the rope to pull off a stunner.

2. AB comes up with a stunner: (2010)

In the 2010 edition, AB plucked one out of the thin air to see the back of Praveen Kumar. The batsman pulled one in the long-on region where AB dived backwards and stretched one arm out to get hold of the rapidly moving ball. Wait, the magic doesn’t end there. AB avoided the fence to complete the catch with remarkable athleticism and presence of mind. Pure genius!

3. Pollard plucks it out of thin air: (2014)

Cooper hoicked the ball towards the long-on against MI in a league encounter in the 2014 season. The ball was travelling and would have fetched him a maximum but the West Indian had other plans. He timed his jump to perfection to pluck one out of thin air. Before landing on the wrong side of the rope, Kieron Pollard threw the ball back into the play and seized it again to complete a screamer. The third umpire had to intervene to declare it a clean take.

4. Boult bolted it in the outfield: (2018)

Trent Boult has a knack for pulling off stunners in the outfield but this one was a cut above the rest. Manning the mid-wicket boundary, Boult judged the flying projectile hit by Virat Kohli to a nicety and moved rapidly within a touching distance of the fence. With an outstretched hand, he managed to grab the ball mid-air while staying in the play. How Boult maintained his balance and avoided touching the fence made the take so surreal.

5. Suresh Raina raises the bar in slip catching: (2011)

Responding to an in-dipper, Suryakumar Yadav played it over the slips only to find Raina. It took a full stretch lunge from Raina to cut a definite boundary and see the back of dangerous Yadav. What made this catch a spectacle was the way Raina anticipated the trajectory of the ball and responded accordingly. The catch reinstated Suresh Raina’s status as the best fielder.

6. Together, Botha and Rahane created magic: (2012)

When John Botha and Ajinkya Rahane of Rajasthan Royals teamed up to complete a relay catch, magic happened. Batting for Pune Warriors, Rahul Sharma lofted it over long-on where Botha was stationed. While running backwards, Botha seized the ball and relayed it to Rahane who was in close vicinity. Before Botha crashed into the boundary, the catch was completed.

7. Jofra Archer did something special: (2020)

Ishan Kishan hit one towards the third man where Jofra misjudged the trajectory. After taking a few strides ahead, he recovered miraculously and dived backwards with one hand outstretched. The ball just stuck to the disbelief of everyone. It happened in 2020 when RR took on MI.

Catches are thrilling and audiences and teams alike become indelible memories! Stay tuned to this page for more thrilling catches.

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