A Concise Guide for Successful Hockey Betting

With a fan base of over 2 billion, hockey is the third most followed team sport after football and cricket. Punters have taken a liking for the sport lately, given its potential for multiple markets, decent odds, and hefty payouts. If you too wish to coin it, get your act together and get started. With a concise guide on all aspects of successful online hockey betting, we are here to help.

Where to Bet?

Dedicated hockey betting sites are a rarity though, generic sportsbooks offer hockey bets. It’s wise to be careful about choosing the book or else your overall betting experience and winnings would be compromised. Here’re a few specific and non-specific factors to look for in a book:

  • Licenses from recognized gambling commissions
  • Available markets. More markets mean more choices
  • Quality of odds. Better odds translate into better payouts
  • Bonuses, welcome offers and other perks and promotions
  • Types of wagers and currency accepted
  • 24/7/365 customer support for assistance
  • Website usability and security features
  • Easy deposit and withdrawal system

For research, you can rely on online resources that also carry the latest match hockey news. They review every aspect of the sportsbook, giving you a jump-off point for informed decisions.

Events to Bet on:

Hockey is played all around the year, giving you plenty of opportunities to bet and win.

1. Summer Olympics:

The Olympics is the pinnacle of sports and field hockey is a part of it. With Tokyo Olympics 2020 approaching, you have a chance to test your betting skills and coin them. So, start planning early.

2. Men’s Hockey World Cup:

The biggest hockey event on the planet, the Men’s Hockey World Cup is held at a gap of every four years, between the Olympics. The next edition is scheduled from Jan 13-29, 2023 in India.

3. Women’s Hockey World Cup:

Since 1974, the Women’s Hockey World Cup is the most coveted women’s event with a format similar to the men’s world cup. The next edition will unfold in Spain and the Netherlands in July 2022.

4. Commonwealth Games:

Commonwealth Games have had field hockey as one of the core sports since 1998. The upcoming edition would be held from 28 July to 8 August 2022 in England, expectedly featuring 72 nations.

5. Men’s FIH Pro League:

The Men’s FIH Pro League is a replacement for the Champions Trophy in 2019. All national hockey teams take it seriously, as it’s a qualifying event for the World Cup and Olympics.

It’s All About Odds:

Odds are the prime factor to consider when wagering. They define your payouts and the book’s profits. For example, odds of 4/1 mean you get INR 4 for every INR 1 wagered. The higher the odds, the higher your payouts would be. It’s advisable to shop the market for the best hockey odds across key markets, including match bets, point spreads, futures, and more. The variance in odds across several books is often insignificant but can make a big difference to your RTP.

What are Popular Betting Markets?

When it comes to hockey betting markets, they have an uncanny resemblance to field hockey’s icy cousin, football, and other team sports. The sportsbooks offer a comprehensive selection of bets, including player and team performances alike. Think 1×2/FT Result, Total Goals, Double Chance, Over/Under, and the list goes on. Note that the market’s availability is subject to the tournament. A bigger, more prestigious event is likely to have more markets.

It’s in your best interest not to be overwhelmed by the diversity of markets. Instead, study each market and the associated gains and risks beforehand. Don’t forget to go through the latest match hockey news to stay current on the developments in the field. It’ll help you plan well.

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