ACB CEO Assures That Cricket Won’t Be Impacted Amidst The Political Chaos

Alongside many fans across the world, cricket allegedly has fans among the Taliban as well. These insurgents seized power in Afghanistan just two weeks before the United States was set to completely withdraw its troops from the country subsequent to a two-decade-long war. According to the CEO of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), Hamid Shinwari, the Taliban loves cricket, and this game shall not be a casualty in the wake of the drastic political upheaval taking place in Afghanistan. He stressed the fact that the Taliban had supported cricket generously ever since its inception in the nation, and there are no impediments for the sports in Afghanistan amidst the regime change. So fans of the game should still try to explore betting tips for cricket and try to predict their odds in the upcoming matches.

The History of Cricket in Afghanistan

The rise of cricket in the war-torn nation essentially coincided with the rule of the Taliban between the period of 1996 and 2001. During these years, several Afghan refugees in Pakistan also ended up picking up the sport, the popular cricketer Rashid Khan being one of them. Shinwari points out that it can be said that cricket in Afghanistan had flourished during the Taliban era, and many of their players practiced in Peshawar back then, making this sport mainstream in the country. The ACB CEO remarks that it is a good thing that the situation is gradually progressing towards normalcy and people have begun to work as per regular. He also mentions resuming his office and the national camp soon. However, as the cricket landscape of the country isn’t expected to change much, people interested should try to check out betting tips for cricket so that they can be orderly prepared to win big in the upcoming matches played by Afghanistan.

Safety in Times of Chaos

Among other things, there have been major concerns about the safety of Afghanistan citizens floating around ever since the Taliban took over Kabul. Hamid Shinwari, however, assures that the members of the national Afghanistan cricket team and their families are safe even after the Taliban took over the reins. He also underlined that apart from four or five players playing overseas, the rest are still in Kabul and are doing fine. He also claims that the ACB has not yet received any request from cricketers to have their families evacuated. Shinwari confirmed that the national team is right now gearing up to play their upcoming series against Pakistan. As they practice for their upcoming games, fans of the game should also try and check out betting tips for cricket to make the most accurate predictions for these matches,

Afghanistan vs. Pakistan

As per the reports, Afghanistan is all set to have their three-match ODI series against Pakistan, which shall start from September 3rd, 2021. Owing to the security concerns prevailing in both these countries, the ODI series shall be played in Sri Lanka. The Phase 2 IPL matches were shifted to Sri Lanka, as the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stadiums were preparing for the IPL, which was halted due to the Covid-19 crisis.

So far, the situation for the men’s cricket team in Afghanistan looks promising, according to the statements made by Hamid Shinwari.

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