Akash Chopra Predicts Top 4 Teams To Qualify For Playoffs in IPL 2021

IPL 2021 Akash Chopra Predicts Top 4 Teams To Qualify For Playoffs

Aakash Chopra, former India batsman, and his predictions have been on point so far. Now he has predicted the 4 teams that he believes will make it to the playoffs based on their current performance. All the IPL teams have played a minimum of 10 games yet. But only one team will get the title, that’s why each result is crucial.

Akash has no doubt that the Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals will reach the playoffs as CSK has secured its place with 18 points and DC sitting pretty with 16 points. He is positive that Virat Kohli’s RCB will also qualify; Royal Challengers Bangalore have 14 points with 3 more games to go.



For the 4th position, Aakash picked his former team Kolkata Knight Riders over MI. Both the teams have scored 10 points in 11 games in the IPL points table so far. The commentator strongly feels that Eoin Morgan’s side will likely make it to the play-offs.

Chennai, Delhi there’s no doubt about that. Third, hopefully, Bangalore will qualify. For fourth, there’s going to be a fight between Mumbai and Kolkata. I have a strong feeling that if Kolkata doesn’t hit a self-goal, they’ll make it. If Russell is fit then there will be no self-goal but it can happen here because the captain is in zero form. However, it’s Eoin Morgan, a big player, so it’s also possible that he might turnaround his form and give a strong finish.”, Aakash Chopra said in his YouTube video.

Mumbai Isn’t Looking Like The ‘Paltan’ – Akash Chopra

Speaking of Rohit Sharma’s outfit, the former opener stated that MI haven’t been as dominating as they had been for the past few IPL seasons. MI started off with three consecutive losses in the UAE leg but managed to end it on a high note against Punjab Kings which Aakash Chopra says was “not convincing.”

I am tilting towards Kolkata for a simple reason that Mumbai isn’t looking like the ‘Paltan’ of the old. Yeah, you won against Punjab but even that wasn’t convincing. They are winning all games scrappingly, which isn’t like them.

DC is the next tough opponent in front of MI, while KKR face 3 teams who are below them within the points table. 

They still have one game to go against Delhi which is the next game only in Sharjah. If you lose this, you won’t have luck on your side because Kolkata’s all matches are against teams placed below them. Kolkata have got something going for them, for Mumbai, there’s something not going for them,” Chopra further explained. 

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