All you need to know about tennis betting and tips

Fantasy sports and legal betting is becoming one of the biggest modes of investment and gaming in the world of sports. Sports like football, cricket gather the most eyeballs because of their popularity around the globe but one would be surprised to know that tennis also has a fair share of the market and ranks as one of the most bet-on sports in the world.

What tennis makes a good sport to bet on is the number of events going on around the clock throughout the year. There are hundreds of players playing around the world with draws held nearly every week over the course of at least 11 months. Therefore, very few sports can match up to the options tennis provides. With live betting slowly becoming a thing, tennis’ popularity in the sphere is only going to increase.

Tennis betting, therefore, is here to stay and here are some tips for you to understand how it works and make profitable strategies along with the various Dos and Don’ts in the world of tennis betting.


Try to master the schedule. Players get little rest because of the tournaments and travelling involved. Identify the bigger ranking point/prize money tournaments and review the tournaments that the players have played over the last couple of years. See how they have gone about over the last couple of years in those particular tournaments. This could give you a huge advantage while betting on a player.

Form over fatigue and schedule is a big thing and that’s what most people go after. However, looking at the health conditions and fatigue of a player could also give you a favourable idea of whom to bet on or against.

Patience and information is key. Make learned choices and look for every information available before placing bets.

Targeting lower-ranked players and underdogs especially in smaller ranked tournaments can sometimes yield big wins.

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  • Surface matters. Don’t go with a player because of reputation. Rafael Nadal is incredible on clay but his consistency and attributes aren’t quite suited for Wimbledon. So, look at playing conditions before choosing your horse.
  • Be methodical and place small bets, to begin with. Look for smaller tournaments and niche markets, they are easy to bet on for beginners
  • Place bets on value, there is no ‘safe bet’ ever. There is nothing guaranteed in betting. Information and research are key.


  • Don’t go with favorites all the time. There are many upsets in tennis and betting on the big-name players’ eyes closed isn’t always the best thing to do.
  • Don’t focus on rankings too much. It only tells you what happened over a year. Take recent performances into consideration and past head-to-head records on certain surfaces and overall
  • Don’t go overboard with your bets. Keep it steady and results will come
  • Avoid recency bias. Take every information into account before placing your bets

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