All You Should Know About Fantasy Pro Kabaddi League

Kabaddi was confined to rural India until the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) came along in 2014. The inaugural edition of the professional Kabaddi league became an instant success. It was watched by over 435 million Kabaddi fans. The viewership was second only to the Indian Premier League.

Thus far, the PKL has had seven successful editions, one yearly. The eighth edition did not take place in wake of the pandemic, which is now rescheduled from October to January 2021-2022. Earlier, the league featured eight teams but 4 more were added in 2017, taking the count to 12.

The PKL format is similar to the IPL, featuring Double Round-Robin league and playoffs. With 12 teams participating, the format is split into Zone 1 and Zone 2. The league pumped money into the sport, making it lucrative for budding talent and viewers alike. It changed the complexion of the sport. Here’s an overview of the PKL, complete with teams, titles and zone categorization.

Sr. no Team Founding year Zone Titles
1. Bengal Warriors 2014 B 01 (2018) 
2. Bengaluru Bulls 2014 B 01 (2019) 
3. Dabang Delhi KC 2014 A 00
4. Jaipur Pink Panthers 2014 A 01 (2014)
5. Patna Pirates 2014 B 03 (2016, 2016, 2017)
6. Puneri Paltan 2014 A 00
7. Telugu Titans 2014 B 00
8. U Mumba 2014 A O1 (2015)
9 Tamil Thalaivas 2017 B 00
10. Gujarat Fortune Giants 2017 A 00
11. Haryana Steelers 2017 A 00
12. UP Yoddha 2017 B 00

Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League:

With the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) upon us, why watch it from the sidelines? You can take part in the league from the safety of your homes and workplaces. Yes, we are talking about Fantasy Kabaddi, the most popular virtual sport after fantasy cricket. Fantasy Kabaddi can be your ticket to some quality entertainment and earnings. Sounds interesting, right?

What is Fantasy Kabaddi?

It’s a virtual sport where you create a virtual team from all 14 players from both teams playing in a real match. Your team competes with fellow users’ on the host platform. Your players earn you points with their performance on the court. If you outscore all users, you earn cash. It gives you the thrill of being a selector and the satisfaction of being victorious. The money is just a bonus.

Rules of the Game:

Fantasy Kabaddi is played around a set of rules that vary from platform to platform. It’s wise to check them before signing up. But certain rules are applicable virtually on every platform like:

  • Only seven players can be selected within the credit cap
  • Typically, up to 5 players can be selected from one team
  • Different combinations can be tried for team selections
  • At least 1 raider, 1 all-rounder and 2 defenders shall be selected
  • Up to 3 raiders, 2 all-rounders and 4 defenders shall be selected
  • The captain earns twice the points compared to a normal player
  • The vice-captain earns 1.5 times the points than a normal player

How Points are Allotted?

The point system is also platform-specific. Here’s how platforms usually allot points.

Event  Points 
Raid Touch Point 04
Raid Bonus 02
Unsuccessful Raid -1
Tackle  04 
Super Tackle  05 
Starting with seven  04
Substitute appearance  02

How to Prepare for Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League?

You require skills, patience and diligence to ace the Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League. Being good with your homework is important. Here’re a few tips on preparing for the big league.

Research the Players:
Considering the player’s card history is always advisable. Some receive more green, yellow and red cards than others. Mind you, a green card reduces two points from your overall score. The same for a yellow card and a red card is four and six respectively. Prefer players less prone to cards.

Select Captain Wisely:
You have a real chance if the choice of your captain and vice-captain is right. A captain gets you twice the points for the same action as a normal player, while a vice-captain gives you 1.5 times. Select your best players as captain and vice-captain, preferably all-rounders.

Experiment with Combinations:
The Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League is a three-month-long event with about 137 matches. Don’t stick with the same combination across all matches. Instead, try different combinations in each match. Rather, Kabaddi platforms allow you to create multiple teams for a given live match.

Choose the Platform Carefully:
Some platforms offer better rewards and perks than others. It’s wise to find one such platform to play at. The platform should be licensed and registered and have customer service in place. The withdrawals should be quick and easy.

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