Australia Picks Carey Fillip To Shut Out T20I Miseries

Australia chose Alex Carey to be the 26th man to lead them in an ODI on 27th July 2021 in Barbados. The very fact that Carey was in a position to captain his national team, let alone being chosen for the job, is a huge feat in itself. He must be a superhero of some sort because less than 10 years before, he was captain of a team in an entirely different sport. He probably never thought, even in his wildest dreams, that he would be a cricketer, forget captaining his national team.

Just to put things into context, in July 2011, Carey was captain of GWS, an Australian football club aiming for the AFL, before he was shown the door a few months later. His cricket career from the beginning has been a near-perfect one except for his test debut that slipped away from him. His captaincy, though, doesn’t come on a silver platter as things didn’t go too well for them on their tour of the Caribbean.

The loss of Aaron Finch for the opening of the ODI adds to Australia’s depletion of world-class players following the absence of a significant number of the IPL players. This leaves Carey with an inexperienced lot making his captaincy a tough one. According to the latest news about cricket, all but one of Australia’s top scorers, David Warner, Steve Smith, and Glenn Maxwell, are home, and the man that would have saved the day, Finch, has been benched.

Australia has dominated most of the matches with 16 wins out of the last 20 matches they played. These might be great statistics even for cricket betting online, but considering West indies smashed Sri Lanka 3-0 at home not too long ago, Australia has reason to worry. This win brought them a newfound level of confidence, with their win over Australia in the T20Is only adding to it. Even though the West Indies ODI squad is not as full of star power as their T20Is, their stability in 50-over cricket is profound.

The latest news about cricket shows that the T20Is format is still proving a challenge for the Aussies as they clearly struggled in St Lucia. While this failure might be partly due to their lack of players, it is evident that they have struggled to get a grip on the shortest form of the game. If it were only because of the absence of key players, they would at least be able to hit the right notes.

And for context’s sake, the introduction of the Super League means that every ODI will count for something, and with the surging levels of the Coronavirus, the teams might not get to play all their matches before the 2023 World Cup. This emphasizes how crucial the ODI matches are for both teams and cricket betting online.

The West Indies know the feeling of trying to qualify for the World Cup as a former world champion. Australia shouldn’t feel too safe either because they might just find themselves in the same boat.

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