Best Strategies for Beginners to win in Kabaddi betting

Kabaddi is a traditional Indian sport with ample scope for thrill. Imagine a raider making way into the opponent’s court reciting a chant while defenders are ready to grab him. With every raid, every struggle and every defense, the intensity just rises. Besides thrill, the sport offers some real earning opportunities off the court as well. Yes, we are referring to Kabaddi betting.

Armed with the following strategies for beginners, you have a real chance to coin it. Read on.

1. Follow the game:

First things first, know the game, inside-out. It’s crucial since your betting success depends on how well you know the game. When you understand the sport, making informed decisions on events and markets to bet on, bet sizes, and other key aspects is easier. You should dig out all information on the form and abilities of teams and players. The info is readily available for online resources, so you don’t have to struggle for it. If you are serious about betting, get nosy.

2. Research the event:

Kabaddi is played all year round in dedicated national, international and league events. Multi-sport events like Asian Games also feature the sport. With such a hectic calendar, you have a lot to look forward to. However, it’s advisable to research the event beforehand. Know everything there’s to know about the event, including participating teams, players, Pro Kabaddi fixtures, and more. Mind you, the chances of winnings go up when you know your event well.

3. Screen the players:

Not knowing your players is a disadvantage. You simply cannot opt for some lucrative markets like Top Raider, Top Tackles, Match Winner, Outright Winner, and so on. It makes perfect sense to screen the players and teams thoroughly before betting. From form to skills, nothing should go under the radar. Also, know how the two contesting teams fared against each other in the last few matches. Mind you, stats don’t lie. They give you a fair idea of what to come.

4. Shop for the best odds:

Presented as ratios, decimals or with a plus or minus prefix, odds indicate a possibility of a given event to occur. They also decide your payouts, making them a crucial consideration in Kabaddi betting. Even a minor difference can impact your payouts significantly. When stakes are high, you cannot settle for the first book you come across. The thumb rule is to shop the market and compare the odds on offer. It may take time and effort but the returns will justify the ordeal.

5. Root for the underdog:

Odd makers allot odds based on the team’s strength and recent performances. The stronger team is allotted low odds, as it’s more likely to win. It’s the other way around for the underdog. Suppose Team A carries odds of 1.90 while Team B has 17.00. Now, if you bet INR 1000 on both teams, your payouts would be like this. Team A Wins: 1.90 x INR 1000 = INR 1900. Team B wins: 17 x INR 1000 = INR 17000. With such an overwhelming difference in payouts, it pays to root for the underdog. The top dogs may win the majority of contests but an upset cannot be ruled out.

Remember, all the odds aren’t created equal, but there are ways you can improve your chances of winning. We are a trustworthy site where we offer you competitive odds, multiple markets, easy withdrawals, lucrative promotions, and secure wagering experience. But, you also need to do your research, follow the players, and teams and take part in games and activities where your skills are tested. The bottom line for us is to enjoy and have fun!

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