If you have signed up to FantasyBet, you have probably noticed that FantasyBet have features you won’t find on any other fantasy sites. Some of these are found under Player Lists in the game creation menu. Read on to learn all you need to know about these exciting game modes.

To the left is the classic Full List, the traditional fantasy selection mode. But instead of always playing by the same rules, you can mix up your games and add some extra excitement with our three Random List Games games: Shared List, Unique List and Lucky List.

Random List Games are not something you would pick for a season long game, but it’s the perfect way to add some thrill to your gameweek games. By using our carefully designed algorithm, the system will create a limited selection of players for you and the other managers to choose from. It’s designed so that you’ll never end up with a bunch of rubbish players, but on the other hand you can’t expect them to be all Agueros and Hazards either.

Here are the different Random List Games explained

Full List:


The Full List is your traditional fantasy selection mode with all the players from your selected matches available.

Shared list:


If you want to compete on the same terms as your rivals, but find yourself in the mood for a proper challenge, the Shared List is the perfect selection for you! The system generates a single list of 60 players, which is shared between all managers playing the game. By choosing this selection mode you will get a tough and close contest. Because all managers have the same limited pool of players, you need to get into the mind of your rivals and predict how they will select. To succeed in a game such as this, you will have to master the art of tough decision-making – always looking for that little edge to come out on top!

Perfect for the cunning manager that can make some clever unexpected selections pay off.

Unique list:


When everyone has the same players to pick from, fantasy football can become a bit predictable. Unique List does away with all boringness. The system will generate a unique list of 60 players for each manager, and no players will appear in more than one manager’s squad. The algorithm will keep each list well balanced, but you will always have that extra excitement about which players are going to pop out of the hat.

Perfect for the manager who likes to select his best team regardless of what other managers might do.

Lucky list:


The Lucky List is not for the faint hearted, but for those who like a gamble. 60 random players will be assigned to each manager. There’s always a chance that you might get lucky and win yourself a couple of unique players, however, this goes both ways. Every manager must be able to capitalize on their good draws and make the most out of lesser ones. Do you feel lucky? Throw the dice!

Perfect for the manager who likes a gamble. 

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