The Best Premium Goalkeepers for FPL 19/20

It’s fair to say that this list of won’t be extensive. With just two goalkeepers priced at £6.0m, this best premium goalkeeper article is more of a comparison between Ederson of Manchester City and Alisson of Liverpool.

There’s a reason these two are the highest priced goalkeepers this season. The Brazilian pair secured a combined 41 clean sheets between them last season. They’re also both as nailed on as a player can be. Those with a phobia of the Pep roulette, rejoice.

On a very basic level, they both look to be excellent value at their price. But basic isn’t what we strive for, and the little things can make all the difference in your FPL season.

Which of the two Premium Goalkeepers is a better pick for FPL 19/20?

ederson fpl goalkeepers

Ederson (£6.0)

It only seems fair to start with the Premier League champions’ option between the sticks. Ederson didn’t miss a minute of Premier League action for City last season, finishing with a points total of 169. That was just seven points shy of Alisson. He even managed an obscene assist from his own goal kick.

Let’s be honest though. Goalkeepers aren’t part of our teams for attacking potential. Although obviously I’d welcome a Premier League version of Chilavert bending freekicks into the top corner every other week.

The attraction of Ederson is pretty obvious to even the most rookie of FPL players. He plays for the best team in the league who love to dominate the ball. City’s average possession last season was a league high 64% – giving their opponents little to no chance of creating decent goal scoring chances.

In fact, whilst most see City as an attack focused side, the eventual champions xGA last season was 25.73. Also the best in the league.

He’s a good shot-stopper and when City play at home to 90% of the league they look to be a good bet to keep a clean sheet. That’s a nailed-on player who returned six points or more in 20 of his games last season. What’s not to love?

Problems begin to arise when you remember those crafty guys at FPL only allow you to have three players from the same team in your squad. City scored 95 times last season, and in case you were wondering, that’s a lot of goals.

Do you really want to fill one of those precious sky-blue slots with the one player who is guaranteed – freak assists aside – not to be involved in any goals?

If you do, he’s a cheaper way into the City defence than the likes of Aymeric Laporte. He’s also more nailed on than their other defensive options despite being the same price.

alisson fpl goalkeepers

Alisson, LIV, £6.0m

A Brazilian goalkeeper who didn’t miss a minute of action last season and finished with 20 or more clean sheets. This sounds somewhat familiar.

Alisson conceded just one goal fewer than Ederson last season as Liverpool cemented themselves as the league’s most formidable defensive side. It’s a far cry from previous seasons.

In FPL terms, there’s very little to split between the two premium goalkeepers individually. But Alisson’s advantage perhaps comes to the fore when you consider the defence put in front of him. While City tend to make plenty of personnel changes from week to week, Liverpool’s back four – now bolstered further by the return of Joe Gomez – is remarkably consistent.

The maturation of players such as Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson, as well as having arguably the world’s best defender in Virgil van Dijk at centre back, means Alisson has protection. Lots of it.

There are drawbacks to having this kind of world-class defensive unit in front of him however. The fact is that some of the best value goalkeepers in FPL aren’t the ones who are going to keep clean sheets.

Alisson made just 76 saves last season. Ederson made a paltry 58. Despite their big prices, their ceiling is actually lower than that of cheaper goalkeepers.

Neither goalkeeper made double figures when it came to bonus points last season, and the reason is pretty simple – they just aren’t heavily involved in matches. They may as well be on their phones refreshing the FPL Twitter page like the rest of the community during a game.

So will both of these premium goalkeepers keep a lot of clean sheets? Absolutely. They’re nailed on and they play for two historically good Premier League sides. The edge lies slightly with Alisson given Liverpool’s better defensive record last season, but with just one goal in it you’re basically splitting hairs.

Both Alisson and Ederson will be reliable and consistent point scorers next season. The only debate left is whether you want to take up one of those City or Liverpool slots with a premium priced goalkeeper.

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