We reached out to the winner of the #Grand Weekend, jjons88, to learn more about his thoughts process behind picking a team that beat 107 other managers by a clear 10 points margin. Read on for some opinions on form vs fixtures and to get a hot tip for your captain next gameweek.

The winning team


Congratulations on winning the #Grand Weekend and over £200. Picking Kane as your captain was a great decision, Benteke and Vardy also did good for you. Can you give us your thoughts behind your team selection?

Thank you. Well there is an age old debate, form over fixtures, but form can come from fixtures. Kane obviously was the key decision for me that helped me secure first place. Many people wouldn’t captain a striker that had scored only 1 goal coming into the week, but he was playing a poor Bournemouth side. I couldn’t have predicted he would score a hat trick, but in a season where Sanchez struggled then scored a hattrick against Leicester, Aguero struggling then putting 5 past Newcastle, it seemed worth a punt that Kane would be good for a couple against a struggling Bournemouth. Benteke was also a gamble, and I must admit when I saw he was on the bench I was a bit nervous, but he is a quality player and with Sturridge out is clearly their best attacking option.

It was quite a low scoring week, with a lot of big players blanking, thats why I feel its important when building your team to strike the right balance of players who will have a high selection percentage and gambles like Kane and Benteke. And I guess to answer the debate, I look at fixtures over form.

Without revealing your biggest secrets, do you have any general advise for daily fantasy players out there?

I touched on it in the first question, its about striking a balance. This coming week I’ll for sure have a few of the usual suspects in my line up that a lot of other people have, but I will also look to take a gamble or two on those players that most people will dismiss because of their form. The same people that dismissed Kane, Aguero and Sanchez. You have to be willing to take a punt. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rooney scores a hattrick against Palace this week, the way this seasons going.

How long have you been playing fantasy?

I have been playing fantasy football since last season. Last season I struggled, I was still learning the best way of building a team, learning about price rises and drops all those sorts of things. But things ended badly when I made about 9 transfers in january but forgot to activate my wildcard. After shooting myself in the foot like that I gave up on that season. This season though I’ve been a lot more alert in following price changes, injuries and its really paid off. I’m currently second in my mini league and in the top 20k players with a team sale value of over 103 million. There is a long way to go still but I am head and shoulders above where I was this time last year.

How do you like the daily format compared to the season long marathon?

I love both formats, of course the season long format is a marathon not a sprint and takes careful planning, taking into account the restrictions on transfers and knowing when to take hits. But the daily format is fun, a quick burst. This is probably just the weekly winner in me talking but I would like a high roller game, a higher entry price with bigger winnings.  And maybe even a season long version with a big price pot at the end.

Duly noted jjons88, in the meantime enjoy the status as the most current #Grand Weekend-winner.

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