Eliteserien Set Piece Takers

The complete list of the Eliteserien Set Piece Takers for the 2019 season. We have split the data into two tables, the first table displays Eliteserien penalty takers and backup penalty takers, the second displays corner and direct freekick takers.

The research was extracted from OPTA statistics for corners, attempts from indirect free-kicks and goals scored from direct free-kicks, combined with data from pre-season. Both tables are updated each month to ensure they remain up to date with any transfers and tactical changes.

We’ve also published an Eliteserien Fantasy Tips article that uses the bookie’s odds to reveal the most likely sources of goals and clean sheets in Round 1.


Eliteserien Penalty Takers

Last Updated: 26th March

Team Penalty Taker Backup Penalty Taker
Bodø Glimt Berg
Brann Wormgoor Bamba
Haugesund Stølås Wadji, Samuelsen
Kristiansund BK Kastrati Bye
Lillestrøm Smarason Lehne Olsen
Mjøndalen Gauseth
Molde Aursnes Eikrem, James
Odd Børven
Ranheim Karlsen Tønne
Rosenborg Bendtner Søderlund, Helland
Sarpsborg 08 Halvorsen Lund Nielsen
Stabæk Boli
Strømsgodset Mos Pedersen
Tromsø Taylor Rojas
Viking Høiland Tripic
Vålerenga Vilhjálmsson Finne

Eliteserien Set Piece Takers

Last Updated: 26th March

Team Corner Takers Direct Freekick Takers
Bodø Glimt Berg Berg
Brann Haugen, Jenssen Haugen
Haugesund Stølås, Kallevåg Stølås
Kristiansund BK Aasbak, Gjertsen Gjertsen, Aasbak
Lillestrøm Rafn, Krogstad Lehne Olsen, Krogstad
Mjøndalen Olsen Solberg Olsen Solberg, Jansen, Aasmundsen
Molde Eikrem, Hussain Eikrem, Ulland A
Odd Ruud, Rashani Ruud, Rashani
Ranheim Storflor, Tønne Storflor, Tønne, Karlsen
Rosenborg Helland, Jensen, Hedenstad Helland, Hedenstad
Sarpsborg 08 Thomassen, Lindseth, Larsen Lindseth, Thomassen, Larsen
Stabæk Vetlesen, Moe Vetlesen, Moe
Strømsgodset Vilsvik Vilsvik
Tromsø Taylor, Gamst Pedersen Antonsen, Taylor, Gamst Pedersen
Viking Tripic Tripic, Bytyqi, Ibrahimaj
Vålerenga Juarez, Finne, Shala Finne, Shala

Looking for set-piece taker information for other leagues and competitions? We’ve got you covered! Our Set Piece Takers page includes research on a number of leagues including Premier League and Champions League.

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