Fantasy Divisions: Gameweek 1 Round-up

After months of tinkering, tweaking and teetering on the edge of madness, the plaster was well and truly ripped off when Liverpool hosted Norwich to kick off the 2019/20 season.

Fantasy Divisions leaderboard after Gameweek 1

True Story leads the way

Points followed. Lots of them, in some instances. FantasyBet user thisistruestory dominates the table after Gameweek 1, with 3 of their teams currently occupying the 1st, 2nd and 3rd spots (scoring 117, 115 and 112 points in the process). It’s a huge effort from the manager who also won the Grand Opening weekend, and a sign of what we might expect from them this season.

But this is a season-long game. A great gameweek is all well and good, but thisistruestory will need to build on this if they’re going to be in the prize money come the end of the first mini-season.

Origi-nal gangster

That might be harder than it looks. All of his teams inside the top 3 include Divock Origi (13 points), who will surely lose his starting berth to a returning Sadio Mane henceforth. His over reliance on Oleksandr Zinchenko (6 points) could well come back to bite him too.

Remarkably, the highest scoring team without Divock Origi leading the line currently sits in 10th position, racking up 106 points. Ashers23281, take a bow.

With so much congestion at the top of the table (the gap between 5th and 45th is just 9 points), the door is certainly open for some upheaval across Gameweek 2’s fixtures. Can the frontrunners adapt to a different set of fixtures and ready their squads accordingly? Or will their faith in short-term assets (yes, we’re looking at you, Divock) come back to bite them?

Not all plain-sailing

But not every manager did so well. With the lowest Gameweek score at just 9 points (that’s less than Ashley Barnes managed), and with a plethora of managers scoring below 60 points, it could be a steep mountain to scale for some.

Then again, some managers like a challenge: climbing from the bottom division to the top certainly constitutes an intriguing one.

We’ve only had 1 week of Premier League fixtures, so it’s definitely not panic stations yet (unless you were the manager that scored 9 points – in which case, you probably should be panicking). Remember, qualifying comes to an end after Gameweek 2, so if you’re looking to scrape into one of those top divisions, it might be worth taking a few gambles this weekend.

Perhaps Aubameyang (£11.0m), who has scored 42 points in 3 fixtures against Burnley, could be worth a gamble. Or maybe Pukki (£6.5m) should get the nod. The Finn did well to score against Liverpool at Anfield and hosts Newcastle at Carrow Road in Gameweek 2.

Either way, it’s surely time to get rid of Origi now. Right?

James Copeland

A St Johnstone fan marooned in Norwich, James joined the FantasyBet team in April 2019. He currently co-hosts the Fantasy Weekly podcast and our Bookies' Advantage Youtube series.

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