Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 Attacking Tracker

The attacking tracker is designed to help Fantasy Premier League managers visualise which teams are expected to score the most in their upcoming fixtures.

It’ll help to inform your transfer decisions and solve some of those tricky bench conundrums, but ultimately we’ve designed it to give FPL managers a valuable edge. This fixture tracker should keep the trigger-finger at bay, too.


How Does The Attacking Tracker Work?

Unlike other fixture trackers, our attacking fixture tracker works by factoring in a multitude of variables to determine the attacking difficulty of any given Premier League fixture.

FPL managers already know that strong teams aren’t necessarily strong defensive teams. Bournemouth vs Arsenal might be a “bad” fixture as far as Bournemouth’s defenders are concerned, but as an attacking fixture, the Gunners were a great team to host last season.

With this in mind, the first thing we’ve included is a distinction between home and away matches. Liverpool, for example, scored 21 more goals at Anfield than on the road in the 18/19 campaign. Their attacking prowess is significantly more potent on home turf which is reflected in the tracker.

Where a team has been promoted, we took their data from the Championship and weighted it according to how well teams have transitioned over the previous 10 seasons.

How Is FPL Fixture Difficulty Displayed?

1 2 3 4 5 6

Fixture difficulty is displayed using shades of blue and red (don’t fear: even if you suffer from colour-blindness you can still use our tracker). The darkest shade of blue denotes the highest attacking potential and the darkest shade of red shows us the lowest.

Premier League Attacking Fixture Tracker

MCI whu TOT bou BHA nor WAT
LIV NOR sou ARS bur NEW che
ARS new BUR liv TOT wat AVL
MUN CHE wol CRY sou LEI whu
CHE mun LEI nor SHU wol LIV
TOT AVL mci NEW ars CRY lei
EVE cry WAT avl WOL bou SHU
BOU SHU avl MCI lei EVE sou
WHU MCI bha wat NOR avl MUN
WAT BHA eve WHU new ARS mci
CRY EVE shu mun AVL tot WOL
LEI WOL che shu BOU mun TOT
SOU bur LIV bha MUN shu BOU
WOL lei MUN BUR eve CHE cry
BUR SOU ars wol LIV bha NOR
NOR liv NEW CHE whu MCI bur
NEW ARS nor tot WAT liv BHA
AVL tot BOU EVE cry WHU ars
SHU bou CRY LEI che SOU eve
BHA wat WHU SOU mci BUR new

Premier League Goal Scoring Home Advantage

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Newly-Promoted Attacks

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