Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 Clean Sheet Tracker

The clean sheet tracker is designed to help Fantasy Premier League managers visualise which teams have the easiest upcoming defensive fixtures.

It can be used to inform transfer decisions and answer line-up predicaments but, most importantly, it’s here to help fantasy players stay ahead of the curve.


How Does The Clean Sheet Tracker Work?

There’s more to fixture difficulty than just the teams in question. Just because Manchester United finished 6th in the Premier League last season, it doesn’t mean they’re the 6th best defensive outfit.

With that in mind, our clean sheet fixture tracker accounts for a variety of variables.

Firstly, we’ve factored in the difference between home and away matches. A side’s ability to keep a clean sheet can be significantly affected depending on whether they’re playing on home turf or not. Arsenal, for example, conceded just 16 goals at the Emirates last season. Conversely, they conceded 35 times on the road.

Secondly, we’ve collected the historical clean sheet data on Premier League teams to calculate a Clean Sheets per Month metric, which has also been included in our forecast. In the case of newly promoted sides, we’ve used their Championship data and calculated the ability of past promoted sides to transition to the Premier League; weighting it accordingly.

In other words, this might just be the most thorough clean sheet tracker in existence.

How Is FPL Fixture Difficulty Displayed?

1 2 3 4 5 6

Fixture difficulty is indicated using shades of blue and red (as always at FantasyBet, we’ve spared a thought for the colour-blind FPL managers out there). The darkest shade of blue represents the highest clean sheet potential and the darkest shade of red shows us the lowest.

Since 2010 there’s been an average of 5.6 clean sheets and 28 goals scored per gameweek. In other words, clean sheets don’t come around too often. This scarcity is reflected this in our scale by a limited, yet relative, number of blue fixtures.

Premier League Clean Sheet Difficulty Tracker

LIV NOR sou ARS bur NEW che
MCI whu TOT bou BHA nor WAT
EVE cry WAT avl WOL bou SHU
TOT AVL mci NEW ars CRY lei
WOL lei MUN BUR eve CHE cry
CHE mun LEI nor SHU wol LIV
NEW ARS nor tot WAT liv BHA
CRY EVE shu mun AVL tot WOL
LEI WOL che shu BOU mun TOT
ARS new BUR liv TOT wat AVL
WHU MCI bha wat NOR avl MUN
MUN CHE wol CRY sou LEI whu
BHA wat WHU SOU mci BUR new
WAT BHA eve WHU new ARS mci
BOU SHU avl MCI lei EVE sou
SHU bou CRY LEI che SOU eve
SOU bur LIV bha MUN shu BOU
NOR liv NEW CHE whu MCI bur
BUR SOU ars wol LIV bha NOR
AVL tot BOU EVE cry WHU ars

Premier League Clean Sheets Per Month

Data averaged from last 9 Premier League seasons.

Premier League Clean Sheets Per Month

Premier League Clean Sheet Home Advantage

Clean Sheets Home Advantage

FPL Attacking Difficulty Tracker 2019/20

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