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There is one gameweek remaining before the £1,000 manager of the month prize for November is decided in the Premier League Fantasy £100,000 GTD.

Top 10 manager standings

  1. Hulios           245 points
  2. Kensky77      241 points
  3. hulsker          238 points
  4. dboy              235 points
  5. Grafoman     232 points
  6. michailovic   232 points
  7. alm02laa      231 points
  8. svetter          230 points
  9. vielinsky       230 points
  10. ivan4eg        228 points

The manager of the month prize for the seasonal La Liga Freeroll will be decided after this weekend’s fixtures as well.

Top 10 manager standings La Liga

  1. mails                       189 points
  2. Magnus                   181 points
  3. Brian_Setzer           178 points
  4. WeekendOffender   177 points
  5. Az_666                    175 points
  6. shamg22                 172 points
  7. arnab2178               171 points
  8. xu666appa               170 points
  9. Meitanteikun97        170 points
  10. taronchick                169 points

Congratulations to pancho09 on his performance in the EFL Championship 2018/19 game. He racked up a massive 292 points securing him the £100 manager of the month prize for November.



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