Premier League Fantasy- compete for £100,000

The 2018/19 season marks the beginning of a new era in fantasy football. Together with our partner sites, and, we are hosting a Premier League season-long fantasy tournament with £100,000 in cash prizes! Read on to find out how you can use your fantasy skills and compete for the massive prizepool…


How to enter

To enter the £100,000 GTD tournament, simply register an account at (or any of our partner sites) and join the game from the lobby. If you already have an account with us, you can just follow this link: £100k season-long fantasy. The entry fee is £22. Note that one player can have up to 10 teams registered for the tournament per site (total of 30 teams if capped on each site).

Visit our lobby and check out the £100,000 GTD game

How to play

The £100k season-long fantasy tournament follows the same set of rules as Fantasy Premier League (FPL)- with a few exceptions. One major difference though is that we don’t have any special “chips” in play. This tournament will be old school- with two available wildcards for the whole season (the first wildcard will be available from the start of the season until 29 Dec 14:00, while the next one will be for the remaining season).  After all, everything was better before, right? Check out the links below for a complete rundown of the scoring system and game rules ⬇️⬇️

Scoring system

Game rules 



For the entire season, we will be giving away additional prizes to the best weekly- and monthly managers. The highest-ranking managers will win the following cash prizes:

Manager of the Week: £100

Manager of the Month: £1,000


When will the tournament start? 

The tournament commences right before the opening match on Friday between Leicester and Man Utd (10th of August at 7:52pm, UK time)

Can I play?

To be able to play the £100k tournament you must be 18 years of age and your country of residence has to be on our list of accepted countries. For further information about this list, contact us at

Are there any special rules for the tournament? 

Our £100k tournament mainly follows the same rules as the traditional Fantasy Premier League game, but there are some exceptions. The most important ones being:

  1. This is a game with £100,000 in cash prizes which will be shared among the best fantasy managers
  2. There is a £22 entry fee
  3. There are no “chips” in play
  4. Player prices are identical to FPL, but will not fluctuate throughout the season.
  5. Fantasybet General Terms & Conditions apply.




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