Welcome to the new Fantasybet

Fantasybet has a new look!

We are delighted to announce the launch of a completely new Fantasybet!

It’s been a lot of hard work, and some frustrating setbacks, but we definitely feel that it was worth it when we see the end product today. The good, old Classic Fantasybet has served us well since 2015, but it was about time to get in some new talent. With the New Fantasybet you will get a much more flexible platform, more suited to deal with the modern day requirements. For example, the New Fantasybet is optimised for mobile devices, so now you will be able to enjoy the game while on the go!

As it is with all new launches, there are bound to be some issues with the transition. We have a few known functionalities that are still missing. These are:

    Being able to create games- invite a friend for single round games

    Autocomplete teams for single round games

While most of the platform is fully functional, there are some functionalities that are still not available to you on the new Fantasybet and you will be redirected to the classic one inside the platform, such as:

    Season Long games

    Flash games

    Lucky List games

    Manage your subscriptions from your profile page

In this early phase we encourage you to give us feedback on any issues you might encounter, or if you have suggestions on how to improve the platform. Please send a mail to support@fantasybet.com if you have any feedback at all. We also hope that you will take your time to answer our little survey below ⬇️

Eirik Henriksen

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