We got in touch with the now famous world number 10, Swede Jonatan Niberius, who spent his bench boost and captained Wan-Bissaka this gameweek.

Did a rival get his log-in credentials, did the pressure get to him or is he a time traveller? Read on to find out!

PS: This interview was conducted before Saturday’s games!

Jonatan, you are doing really well so far. It seems like it is your first season playing. How are you able to beat millions of veterans?

Yes, it’s my first time playing fantasy. I have gotten my captains right, I had Hazard when he scored his hat-trick and triple captained Aguero for his.

How much time do you spend on fantasy?

I use maybe 30 minutes per week to make changes. It’s just a fun thing, but now that I’m competing at the top, I will look to increase my efforts.

Are you playing for yourself or do you have any friends that are into fantasy?

Me and some people I know have a 15 person private league.

And now to what everyone’s wondering, why did you decide to bench boost this gameweek?

Honestly, I didn’t have a firm grasp of the rules. I thought you had one bench boost for the first half of the season and another one for the last 18 gameweeks. So I felt I had to use it.

And why is Wan-Bissaka your captain with Sterling, Sane, Salah and even Alonso in your team?

I’m going with my gut feeling for this one, I hope he can keep a clean sheet and get an assist. It will turn around for Palace now!

This gameweek might still work out wonderfully for you with Aguero not in Manchester City’s squad.

I focus on my own team. But yeah, I can imagine a lot of players have gone for Aguero. 

Are you surprised you’re getting attention from the rest of the world?

Haha, after that bench-boost gaffe I can understand it. I stand by my Wan-Bissaka captaincy though!


Jonatan’s team before Saturday kick-off:


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