CPL Has Agreed to Change the Dates after BCCI’s Request

We all know how big of a festival IPL is for every Indian who loves cricket. It has become an integral part of the country’s sports culture and is like an annual festival for all of us. Earlier this year, the IPL matches were postponed due to the increasing number of COVID cases. This was a huge bummer to all the cricket fans, but there’s nothing to fret about as the current news of cricket confirms that IPL is all set to be held again. However, there have been issues of overlapping dates with CPL.

Change in CPL Dates

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Cricket West Indies (CWI) have finally come to an agreement regarding the overlapping dates of Indian Premier League (IPL) and Caribbean Premier League (CPL). The organisers of CPL have accepted the request by BCCI to advance the CPL dates in order to squeeze in an IPL schedule available in a tight window around 14th of September.

The new terms were agreed upon after Jay Shah called the COO of CPL, Pete Russell. The BCCI officials have also spoken to their CWI counterparts to adjust the dates after which they agreed to change the dates of CPL.

“CWI is doing our best to help facilitate a smooth transition from CPL to IPL, without a conflicting overlap,” Ricky Skerritt, the president of CWI said.

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New IPL Schedule

As per the latest updates, IPL is scheduled to happen from August 25 to September 15, thus enabling the players to complete all the matches. Initially, the CPL was to be held from August 28 to September 19. However, CPL stated that their 33 games tournament will start on August 28 in St Kitts & Nevis.

This schedule may get shifted to an earlier date as there is more than a 24-hr gap between West Indies’ second test match against Pakistan and the start of the CPL. The test is set to end on August 24, so there is a possibility that the tournament can be started on August 26. Everything seemed to be against BCCO in the beginning, but things are likely to work out now. With schedules getting confirmed, cricket bettors are all set to predict the best cricket odds.

The BCCI is yet to release the dates of the remaining 31 matches, but the association is currently tightening some loose ends before announcing the final dates. Stay updated on this blog for the complete schedule.

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