Dinesh Karthik believes Varun Chakravarthy is a must for India to win the T20 World Cup

Cricket fans are always up to date with the latest cricket news. If they are into betting, then cricket bet tips also advise them to watch the news daily. The sensational news right now is about Varun Chakravarthy. He is known for his steep rise in his profession as a cricket player. He also is known as the mystery spinner. Dinesh Karthik believes that the player has some extraordinary features. Moreover, he has all the potential to become the key player of the T20 World Cup. Indian batsman Karthik feels that if Chakravarthy plays, he will be the best bowler in T20.

Chakravarthy became famous during the IPL 2020, where he played for Kolkata Knight Riders. He managed to pick 17 wickets in 13 matches. This performance earned him the opportunity to play T-20. However, he couldn’t make it due to fitness reasons.

I think he has some potential for T20: Dinesh Karthik

Though Chakravarthy did not get selected for T20, he managed to bag his first cup in Sri Lanka. Although it was his debut, he managed to take two wickets in three games. Karthik feels that Ckaravarthy is a special package. He is one of the favorite choices as spinners for India in the T20 World Cup. Karthik had talked about this during his conversation with Darren Sammy in ICC Digital show.

Karthik stated in the conversation that his choice is Varun Chakravarthy because he has got something special in him. He also said that Chakravarthy would play a vital role in the tournament. Karthik also said not to forget Chakravarthy’s name as he is a critical player for the tournament.

According to analysis, Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav are off the list of bowlers. Washington Sundar as a bowler prevents the team from scoring runs. Krunal Pandya and Ravindra Jadeja are good choices as bowlers for middle overs. However, this shows the lack of an attacking spinner.

So, the above analysis brings us back to Chakravarthy as a mystery spinner. Some reasons prevented his entry previously. Nevertheless, he can prove to be a vital member of the team in the future.

Introducing a new bowler into a tournament can either prove beneficial or damaging to the team. Hence, it could be a tricky situation. One wrong decision damaging to the entire team.

As per Chakravarthy’s T20 record, he has a record of 27 wickets in 24 matches. His history is quite impressive as it makes him an excellent choice for the team. He is known as the mystery spinner because of the mysterious way he bowls in different overs of the match. So, this specialty has made him a perfect choice as a bowler of the team. He is considered a blessing in disguise for the upcoming tournaments.

When a player is in the news, cricket fans must reflect on it for their next bet. The cricket betting tips state that such players can alter the entire match by their mysterious style. The analysis shows that Chakravarthy’s performance is improving every time he plays.

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