Fantasy Cricket Game: Why is it such a rage?

With over 10 Crore active players, fantasy cricket games are exploding in popularity. What began as ESPN’s super selector game in 2001 has grown into a favourite pastime for one out every eight Indian cricket fans. The lure of the virtual sport is strong across age groups, occupations, and regions. Let’s explore a few plausible factors that drive the popularity, one at a time.

1. The Popularity of Cricket:

Cricket is more than a sport in India. It’s rather a religion with over 80 Crore Indians following it passionately. The cricket-obsessed Indians embrace all things cricket, from players and teams to events and brands they endorse. So, their inclination towards fantasy cricket and cricket online betting is logical. It is directly related to the sport they grew up admiring, after all. The users take it as an opportunity to follow their passion and be a part of the cricket community.

2. Unique Format:

The format is uncomplicated and thrilling at the same time. You pick up a virtual playing eleven from the available twenty-two players playing a real game. But, you cannot go about selecting anyone, since certain restrictions apply. If your players perform well in the real encounter, you win. And if don’t, there’s always a next chance. The format allows fans to think like a captain who has to make the most of the resources at hand. Not many get it in real life.

3. Winnings Galore:

Fantasy cricket is not just about entertainment. If you are good with team selections, the virtual sport can help you coin it. Depending on the contest and platform, you could earn big, maybe a thousand times your deposits. Yes, you are required to make deposits, varying from platform to platform. The best cricket betting sites in India offer winning options galore with daily and tournament contests. Daily leagues offer daily cash while tournament contests ensure cash once the event is over. The winnings are transferred to your account for withdrawals.

4. Jam-packed cricket calendar:

Cricket is a multi-format game played all year round. There’s a bilateral test, ODI and T20 series, ICC event, domestic or league tournament going on across the world. Even with the new waves of the pandemic surfacing, certain events are underway in the bio-secure bubble. Team India is scheduled to play 158 bilateral international games (37 tests, 67 One day Internationals and 54 T20) between 2019-20 and 2022-23. The jam-packed cricketing calendar means more opportunities for fantasy cricketers. There’s never a dull moment for them.

5. It’s Perfectly Legal:

The status of cricket online betting is mudded in India. Some states allow it while most don’t. But, fantasy cricket is perfectly legal across the nation, which also contributes to its popularity. The user can indulge in it without landing on the wrong side of the law. What makes fantasy cricket legit is its “game of skill” status. As the name says it all, games of skills involve a certain level of mental or physical skill. In these games, the outcomes aren’t decided by chance.

Join the fantasy cricket rage to enjoy the games.

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