Fantasy League: What is it and how to play?

Fantasy cricket is on a tear with over 100 million people hooked to it the world over. Every 2 of 3 Indians either play fantasy cricket or at least know about it. If you haven’t tried it as yet, you are missing out on a legal way to earn, get entertained and follow the passion for cricket.

With a hectic cricket calendar ahead, it’s the right time for you to start indulging in this virtual sport. Well, if you lack the knowledge to get started, here’s your jump-off point. Read on.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

It belongs to the fantasy sports genre. The game allows you to step into the shoes of a captain and create and manage your fantasy cricket team. Fantasy cricket runs parallel to a real match played by real players in real conditions. Imagine India taking on Australia in an ICC series. Now, you’ll be creating your team from players of both teams playing the match.

Each run, each wicket, each save or each run-out your chosen players execute in the real match will earn you points. If your eleven earns you more points than that of your competitors, you win cash, and of course, some bragging right. You are given a limited number of credits to buy players. Each player is assigned a certain value based on his performance.

Rules and Regulations:

The game is governed by a set of rules and restrictions that vary from platform to platform. The restrictions make fantasy cricket what it is, a “game of skill.” Your selection has to be in line with the restrictions, which requires ingenuity, game awareness, and skill. Here’s the basics of them.

  • Usually, four teams can be created for a given fantasy cricket game.
  • Only 11 players shall be selected per team.
  • 6-7 players from one team can be selected.
  • At least 4 batsmen, 2 bowlers, 1 wicketkeeper and 1 all-rounder shall be selected.
  • The points for runs are the same, no matter what the format.
  • The points for wickets are higher in ODIs and T20s than tests.
  • A century and a five-wicket haul earn you extra points.
  • A save, catch or run out also attracts extra points.
  • Double points are allotted for the captain’s performance
  • Negative points are also applicable for a duck.
  • Substitution for injured players is accepted.

Mind you, the rules are platform-specific. Go through the platform’s rule section before playing.

How to Play it?

Now that you know the rules, it’s time to learn how to get started.

  • Opt for a reliable fantasy cricket platform and get registered.
  • Choose the eleven and create a fantasy cricket team while keeping rules in mind.
  • Choose between the two playing options, practice match and cash contest. Prefer practice matches when playing for the first time. It’ll give you a fair idea of the game.
  • Practice matches are free but for cash contests, make the required deposits.
  • Feel free to substitute players if required, just before the match starts.
  • Just enjoy the real game, as the platform will declare the winners once the game ends.
  • If you win, your winnings will be transferred to your account for easy withdrawals.

Fantasy cricket is as thrilling as the matches happening on-field. It is time to explore this fantastic genre.

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