Here’s How You Can Win in Cricket Betting in India

With the world slowly recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, sports and cricket series are starting to happen again at a good pace. India, England, Australia, West Indies and Pakistan are all playing around the world. Therefore, the world of cricket betting has opened up again and interested people can earn big once again if they place the bets right.

Betting on cricket requires a fair amount of knowledge of the game, conditions, players and history. Good knowledge of the same helps one to analyse the situation and use it to their advantage to earn big money and avoid losses.

Here we take a look at some of the tips one can follow to win in cricket betting online in India.


Every team’s ranking, ratings and performance should be taken into consideration when betting on them. A team that has consistently played bat and finished at the bottom of a particular competition, is likely to fetch you big returns. Therefore, one should look to avoid betting on such teams.
However, there are always exceptions. In sports, everything is possible, so keep your mind open and look at recent performances too in a long tournament before making your choice.


Always keep a check on the pitch and weather report of the day before a match. Weather plays a crucial part in a match and with changing conditions and scenarios, some teams become more suited while others struggle to deal with the new conditions. Pre-match bets also get massively affected because of the weather.

Rain and sun can also change the course of the game as it affects the pitch. A lot of rain and pitch being under covers would mean there would be moisture and more swing for bowlers and they can make life difficult for batsmen. While continuous heat can open up cracks on the pitch as the match goes on and therefore, spinners will be benefitted.

So, check the latest updates and place your bets accordingly.


Look at statistics and previous performances of players in those conditions, formats of the game and place bets on them. While a player can always improve and keep his/her past behind him/her, someone who has always failed in England in 10 games, isn’t quite a safe player to bet on if you want assured returns.

Pick players who suit the playing conditions well.

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Do not go overboard with your betting. Always start slow and progress nicely than committing all your money on one or two bets and then losing out on what you committed.

Avoid getting stuck in a loop and keep a rational mind and study each situation before betting.

These are some of the points you should keep in mind before betting on a player or team. Stay tuned to the website for more tips and tricks regarding betting and other sports updates.

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