How Royal is The Gameplay by Rajasthan Royals: T20 Analysis

How Royal is the Gameplay by Rajasthan Royals T20 Analysis

When the first season of the Indian Premier League was played, Rajasthan Royals (RR) impressed the fans and followers. But, over the next few years they could not keep pace as Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI) sealed their dominance. By 2020, they were playing well enough winning six games out of the total 14 games they played. 

Now cricket betting websites are debating whether this team can make a comeback to win the tournament. The bigger questions are – How is the royal squad performing currently? What are the odds for RR to win or to do better in this season? 

Let’s Evaluate Some of the Matches RR Has Played in IPL 2021

Rajasthan Royals have played 7 matches so far and won 3 out of these. Not bad, but not very good either. So far, Rajasthan Royals have faced Punjab Kings (PBKS), Delhi Capitals (DC), Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). 

Match Against Sunrisers Hyderabd

The match score shows that RR won against Sunrisers Hyderabad by 55 runs. It is an excellent margin win in the T-20 format of the game. But, it is important to note that SRH is not a very strong team. And, though the win is impressive, it would have been better if it was against a stronger team like CSK or MI.  

Matches Against Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals

But the Royals defeated Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Capitals while chasing a target of 133 and 147 runs, respectively. It may seem like a simple target, but requires an average of approximately seven runs an over.  

Match Against Punjab Kings

PBKS managed to score around 221 runs in the first match between the two. An average of more than 10 runs an over clearly shows the bowlers inability to take wickets or bowl maiden overs. RR ace Sanju Samson salvaged the pride with a score of 119 runs. But, this effort was not enough to help the Royals win the match. The dependency on one player will harm the team’s chances of standing at the winning podium.  

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A Quick Analysis of RR

What the cricket betting websites debate about is whether the RR batsmen were in form or the bowling attack of the opposite teams was weak. The team has lost matches against Punjab Kings, Mumbai Indian, Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. These are the four strongest teams in the IPL. They need to work on their batting to improve performances and rankings. 

The IPL Scoreboard

Though the team has efficient bowlers, hard hitting batsmen and capable fielding, they need to focus on winning rather than individual performances. Till now, the team has been placed at 5th position with a net run rate of 0.190. They still have to face significant rivals DC which are at the number 1 position. But before that, they again have to face PBKS in the upcoming match and that will become the re-starting point of their journey in the IPL 2021. 

Our Key Analysis

The Rajasthan Royals are running at the 5th position. They have lost and won matches. That is not enough. To impress their fans, followers and sponsors, they need to build a winning mindset. 

What is your take on Rajasthan Royals and their performances so far? Do you think 2021 will be the year they break the jinx and walk away with the trophy? Share your views in the comments section below.

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