How To Stay Safe When Betting On Sports Online?

The popularity of online sports betting is increasing day by day. Many sports enthusiasts get to use their interest and knowledge for the game and win some real cash. Indians go gaga over cricket matches, and you can always find a small group of people discussing the potential winning team even before the start of the series. In the last few years, many free online cricket games have come up. However, people believe that betting on sports online is unsafe or dangerous. This is not completely true! With some of the best cricket betting sites in India, one can stay tension-free about safety. Let’s look at some ways you can have a safe experience while betting on sports online.

Choosing A Credible Online Sportsbook

The difference between amateur and professional betters is the amount of time they put into the research of the game and the landscape of online betting. Knowing the online scenario will help you in avoiding scams.

Here are a few points to consider while choosing an online sportsbook –

1. Transparency Of Site: Before putting your bets on a website, the first thing to do is to read the fine print. It will give you information such as current licensing, deposit and payout details, bookmakers fees, contact details, and FAQs.

2. Lookout For Scams: Usually, scams happen when people want to place quick bets with big returns. The most common ones include sites promising 100% accurate prediction, compulsory fees for betting, promising huge returns with no effort, etc.

3. Reviews and Recommendations: It is not wise to make decisions based solely on online reviews. Hence, you should ask other legitimate betters about a site’s security and credibility. This will save you from falling into a fraud website and losing your payout.

4. Spotting Red Flags Early: One can spot red flags before placing any bets. Look out for promises of heavy returns, extreme sales pitches, telling you to hurry, or you will miss the offer, severe usage of financial jargon. Moreover, end any call that makes you feel pressured.

Is Physical Betting More Safe Than Online Betting?

Now that you know a few things to look out for to make your online fantasy sports betting safer let’s discuss the next most asked question. People are often in a dilemma between online sports betting and live physical betting. However, one should know that even physical betting has risks such as robbery and pickpocketing. Moreover, you may lose the winnings if it falls out of your pocket or you forget it on the table. Online sports betting is relatively safe if you are on guard about your information and play bets on approved and licensed betting sites.


Online sports betting is safe provided you put in the required research. However, the easiest way is to place your bets on popular betting sites as they have high stakes in terms of goodwill and social credibility. Follow the safety tips, and you will be set for a great online sports betting experience.

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