How to win in Fantasy League Cricket

Fantasy league cricket is a heady mix of entertainment and earning. You create a virtual team from two teams playing a real match and let it compete with fellow users. If the chosen players do well in a real match, you outdo the competition to win real cash. However, selections aren’t as easy as they appear. You require ingenuity, game awareness and homework to ace the game.

Don’t let your inexperience and lack of knowledge dampen your spirits. Here’re a few proven betting tips for cricket to help you win.

1. Research Players:

Clever selections depend on how well you research your players. It’s advisable to go through the players’ skills, recent form, fitness, adaptability, and other performance indicators. The information is readily available on online resources, making research quick and easy. Just invest 30 minutes a day and you are good to go. It’s important to base your selections on findings of the research and not reputations. Mind you, form is a better indicator of how well a player will perform on a given day than his reputation. So keep your emotions aside and choose practically.

2. Pitch Perfect:

The 22 yards often decide who will perform and who won’t. Before going about selections, you are better off investing some time to research the pitch. Is it turning? Would it assist pacers? Or, is it a batting paradise? When you know all there’s to know about the pitch, making need-based selections is easy. For example, an express bowler would do fine on a hard and bouncy track. Likewise, stacking your eleven with two spinners is the way to go for a rank turner.

3. Choose the Captain Wisely:

In fantasy cricket, the captain gives you double the points compared to the rest of the players. If a normal player earns you 50 points with his performance, as a captain he’ll earn 100. One of the latest cricket betting tips is to choose your captain carefully. Pick the best player out of the selected eleven, preferably an all-rounder who’ll get your points with both, bat and ball. The same holds for the vice-captain as well who’ll fetch you 1.5 times more points than the normal player.

4. Top Order should be the Priority:

The thumb rule in fantasy cricket is to stack up as many top order batsmen as possible in your playing eleven. Why? Well, openers and number three and four batsmen will be facing a major chunk of the bowling, especially in ODIs and T20s. These batsmen bat when the ball is new and field restrictions apply. They have, thus, more scope of playing long innings and scoring bigger than their middle-order counterparts. Rohit Sharma makes more sense than, say, Rahane.

5. Don’t Ignore Death Bowlers:

Going for the death-over specialist is one of the betting tips for cricket. The death bowler has the skills to dig in yorkers, change pace, bowl accurate bouncers, and stay unpredictable. With batsmen looking to accelerate the scoring at the fag-end of their batting innings, bowlers have a greater chance of getting wickets. The more wickets they get, the more points you’ll earn.

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