IPL 2021 Phase 2: Big Rule Modification Introduced – The Ball Has To Be Replaced If It Goes In The Stands

As we all know, cricket happens to be one of the primary sources of entertainment in many parts of the planet, especially India. Most Indians are crazy about cricket, and many cricketing talents have emerged from this subcontinent over the years. The IPL is one such tournament that involves the participation of the top players from across the globe and has a massive following in India. Although you might have read quite a few articles on betting tips for cricket, we will talk about a new rule introduced in the 2nd leg of IPL 2021.

When Is The IPL 2nd Leg Going To Start?

According to the new schedule, it is decided that the second leg of the IPL 2021 will commence in the UAE from September 19 to October 15. Thus, we will get the opportunity of enjoying as many as 31 matches over 27 days. While Dubai will host 13 games, 10 will be played in Sharjah and 8 in Abu Dhabi.

The Change In Rule Imposed In IPL 2021

The authorities have introduced a couple of new rules that will take effect during the second phase of the IPL. If you are interested in knowing cricket betting tips, then it will be a sensible idea for you to be aware of the regulations.

One of the new rules states that the old ball will be swapped if it reaches the stands in the event of a batsman hitting a six! As per the new regulation, any ball reaching the stands will be sanitized and replaced by a new ball.

Spectators will be allowed inside the stadium by the BCCI during this phase of the IPL. The replacement of the ball will be implemented for the safety of the players. Saliva use will also not be permitted during the matches, and any player violating this regulation has to face lots of disciplinary actions in the future.

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Why Is This Rule Being Implemented?

As mentioned earlier, spectators will be able to watch IPL matches by entering the stadium this time. This is unlike the previous phase of the IPL, when no spectator was permitted to enter the stadium. Consequently, the authorities have realized that the spectators can touch the ball if it goes into the stands. However, just like avoiding any betting tips for cricket, the spectator must also stay away from touching the ball. But it might not be possible to do so while the match is going on.

Once the ball is thrown back into the ground by any spectator, there is a possibility of any player getting infected by the deadly virus that has caused havoc in the world in recent times. Therefore, the best thing will be to swap the ball for the benefit of the players and spectators.


Apart from the introduction of this new rule in the IPL, there are also some protocols that one needs to follow to uphold safety and prevent the spread of the virus. If you like to know more, then make sure to visit the official site of the IPL by going online.

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