IPL 2021 to Restart in UAE in September – Prediction

Due to the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic in India, IPL 2021 was suspended abruptly. This paved the way for a plethora of questions from the fans that needed answers. There is no doubt that the IPL 2021 phase two will happen. But the biggest question in everyone’s mind is when it will happen and where it will happen.

And, it looks like fans are getting their questions answered with Boria Majumdar, who is among the close aides of BCCI, confirming some positive details. As per the reports, the association is looking into a three weeks window with September 18 0r 19 as the start date and October 9 or 0 as the final date for the tournament.

But the BCCI is yet to make the official announcement. Until then, let’s assess the probabilities of how BCCI is planning to conduct phase two of this much-awaited tournament. As of now, there are 31 matches left in the IPL, which may be conducted in the three weeks window.

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Analysis Of The Schedule

If you assess the present situation of IPL 2021, it was halted in the mid-way with approximately 31 matches still left to play. Based on the actual schedule to complete these matches, BCCI had required 28 more days. But now, these 28 days windows will not be possible, and the BCCI would get a maximum of 21 days to complete the tournament between September and October.

Furthermore, if we look at the future tours for team India, the team is gearing up to play the World Test Championship final against New Zealand in June. The championship is followed by a Test series with England, which will be between August 4 and September 14, 2021. If the reports are to be believed, it is confirmed that there will not be any changes to the schedule of the Test Series. If IPL 2021 has to happen, it could only be scheduled after September 14 and prior to October 14.

According to reports, players of team India and England would directly leave Manchester to post the final test. Additionally, they would have to serve a two-day quarantine in the UAE. It implies IPL 2021 will not start before September 18, 2021, officially. But the players would need at least a day to warm up and get back to their routine life. Therefore, September 18 does not look like a great idea to re-start the tournament; this leaves September 19 as a feasible date.


As of now, three venues Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, would be hosting an overall of nine group stage matches. Additionally, the knockouts would see two matches in Dubai and two in Abu Dhabi. The tournament’s final match is expected to be played in Dubai. All teams will have their IPL matches scheduled in three locations in various frequencies.

This is the end of our analysis for the new IPL 2021 schedule. IPL 2021 is undoubtedly one of the most loved tournaments, and fans wait for it every year. With the current COVID-19 situation in India, the re-start of IPL 2021 brings a ray of positivity.

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