IPL 2021: Which IPL team has the most fans on Social Media?

The Indian Premier League is by far the biggest cricketing carnival in the world of cricket. If there’s anything that can give the World Cups a run for their money in terms of popularity and viewership, it’s the IPL and the brand has only grown stronger every passing year.

Since the inaugural edition in 2008, the IPL has grown as a brand every single year and the IPL once again was well on its way to being the most followed sporting event during April and May across the world this year.

The eight franchises have played a major role in the growth of the tournament as well. With players participating from countries all around the world, people tune in to their screens during the IPL way more than any other domestic cricket league in the globe. The likes of Andre Russells and Dwayne Bravos bring the West Indian culture to the tournament while Steven Smith and Glenn Maxwell bring their massive fan bases from Australia. This year was no different and the tournament was quickly becoming a relief for millions around the world in tough times.

However, because of the ongoing corona-virus pandemic and rising cases in India, the tournament was suspended in early May after cases rose across the franchises. But there is a glimmer of hope again and just before the World T20 scheduled to be played later this year, it will be completed in the United Arab Emirates in the months of September and October.

Therefore, as the 14th season looks to start again soon in a few months’ time, we take a look at each of the team’s presence on social media across the three major platforms in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

MUMBAI INDIANS – 27 million

Facebook – 13M, Twitter – 6.6M and Instagram – 7.4M

CHENNAI SUPER KINGS – 26.7 million

Facebook – 12M, Twitter – 7M and Instagram – 7.7M


Facebook – 16M, Twitter – 4.7M and Instagram – 2.6M


Facebook – 9.4M, Twitter – 4.3M and Instagram – 6.7M

PUNJAB KINGS – 13.3 million

Facebook – 8.5M, Twitter – 2.5M and Instagram – 2.3M

DELHI CAPITALS – 11.8 million

Facebook – 7.3M, Twitter – 1.9M and Instagram – 2.6M


Facebook – 5.9M, Twitter – 2.7M and Instagram – 2.4M

RAJASTHAN ROYALS – 7.6 million

Facebook – 4.3M, Twitter – 1.6M and Instagram – 1.7M

Mumbai Indians lead the way in terms of brand popularity much like they do with the amount of IPL trophies in their cabinets. They have the most number of fans across the three major social media platforms. MS Dhoni‘s Chennai Super Kings are a close second while Shahrukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders come third in the followers’ battle.

When the IPL resumes again this year, the teams will have an opportunity to grow their franchises and reach more people across the world and continue being the enormous juggernaut in the world of sports.

Currently, the Delhi Capital lead the table with 12 points from 8 games and are followed by Super Kings (10 points from 7 games), Royal Challengers (10 points from 7 games) and Indians (8 points from 7 games) in the top four. The Sunrisers are last with two points from seven games.

The IPL is scheduled to be played from September 19 to October 15 in the UAE as things stand. A total of 31 matches need to be played in 27 days.

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