Ireland vs. Zimbabwe: Match Preview & Predictions – 3rd T20I

The third Twenty20 International (T20I) match between Ireland and Zimbabwe is on September 1, 2021. The game will take place at Bready Cricket Club, Bready. As part of the five T20I series, this will be an exciting game for fans and betting communities. To help you place informed bets, here are today’s cricket match prediction tips.

So let’s see what you can expect from cricket betting apps.

Today cricket match prediction tips: Ireland v Zimbabwe 3rd T20I

One of the best ways to predict a match correctly is to look into the teams’ latest performance and pitch condition. This strategy tells you about players’ form and how they are likely to perform in the upcoming match.

Ireland’s Past T20I Matches

Ireland played South Africa in three T20I series in July 2021. South Africa won all three matches as follows.

South Africa vs. Ireland 1st T20I on July 19, 2021. South Africa won by 33 runs

South Africa vs. Ireland 2nd T20I on July 22, 2021. South Africa won by 42 runs

South Africa vs. Ireland 3rd T20I on July 24, 2021. South Africa won by 49 runs

Zimbabwe’s Past T20I Matches

Zimbabwe played Bangladesh in three T20I series in July 2021. Bangladesh won two matches as Zimbabwe clinched one win. Here are the details.

Zimbabwe vs. Bangladesh 1st T20I on July 22, 2021: Bangladesh won by eight wickets (with seven balls remaining).

Zimbabwe vs. Bangladesh 2nd T20I on July 23, 2021: Zimbabwe won by 23 runs.

Zimbabwe vs. Bangladesh 3rd T20I on July 25, 2021: Bangladesh won by five wickets (with four balls remaining).

Past T20I Matches between Ireland and Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe and Ireland played three T20I matches against each other in 2019. Both teams clinched one win each as follows.

Ireland vs. Zimbabwe 1st T20I on July 10, 2019: Match abandoned without a ball bowled.

Ireland vs. Zimbabwe 2nd T20I on July 12, 2019: Ireland won by nine wickets (with 13 balls remaining)

Ireland vs. Zimbabwe 3rd T20I on July 14, 2019: Zimbabwe won by eight wickets (with 20 balls remaining)

Who wins Zimbabwe in Ireland 3rd T20I?

Both teams put up a fair game against each other in recent T20I matches. Yet, Ireland will play at home — a slight advantage in terms of support from home fans, a familiar environment and training grounds.

According to the International Cricket Council’s (ICC’s) T20I rankings, Zimbabwe is ranked 11th against Ireland’s 13th position.

Although they recently lost to South Africa, Ireland may still win this match.

Let’s look at some statistics.

Bready Cricket Club T20I Statistics

Total matches: 9

Matches won batting first: 3

Matches won bowling first: 4

Average 1st innings scores: 157

Average 2nd innings scores: 139


Cricket Ireland has confirmed the Zimbabwe tour of Ireland fixtures, so the matches may proceed as scheduled. Keep track of fantasy cricket news for any changes, as well as for cricket betting tips.

Ireland may have the upper hand in this fight thanks to being in familiar territory with home fans to boost their morale.

Still, there are fewer more motivating scenes than a team playing the underdog, so Zimbabwe may shackle Ireland down to earth.

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