Is Online Cricket Betting Legal in India?

Gambling in India is not as black and white as it is outside the country. There are different rules in different states and according to the 1867 Public Gambling Act, a gambling house is not legal in the country. Therefore, the consensus is that sports betting in India is not legal. However, Indian law sports betting is different from other forms of gambling as it involves ‘skills’ and not just ‘pure chance.

Illegal gambling is a punishable offence in India and a fine of up to INR 200 can be charged and in some cases a short prison sentence as well. Therefore, one has to know about the nature of the betting he or she is getting into. But, the legality of gambling is different in different states but the difference between skill-based gambling and luck-based gambling is very clear. However, some lottery events are legally permitted in India.


While rules vary across the country, Sikkim has a state-run casino while Goa and Daman have several state-run lotteries.

But, what about cricket? Well! The simple answer is to look into online sportsbooks if one wants to bet on the sport.

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Sports betting is largely illegal in India but there isn’t a forbidden law that stops Indian citizens from taking part in online sports betting as an alternative. This is a loophole exploited by many eager punters as this is an online transaction and not being carried out in any brick-and-mortar store.

The reason this is allowed to carry on is down to the location of the online platforms. These sportsbooks often get around the Indian laws because of being based away from India in some off-shore location and therefore, not breaking any laws. Indian online casinos and sportsbooks are not permitted in the country but foreign establishments can cater to Indian customers. This allows Indians to legally register and place bets on a cricket match without any legal complications.

This is the reason behind Indian sports betting becoming popular in recent years. Indian residents can bet freely on their choice of sports via a foreign sportsbook and some sportsbooks even offer Indian National Rupees (INR) as a currency option.

Therefore, one can freely bet on cricket from India and there are various sites that not only help you with adequate information but also let you place bets and win big. Some of the sites are Betway, 22Bet, Bet365.

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