Shivam Dube

Shivam Dube is famous for being an all-rounder. His abilities set him a notch higher than the rest, and he has been referred to as the next influential player in Indian cricket. This is not at all far-fetched as Shivam packs a punch and is a power hitter. His bowling suffers a little because he isn’t as fast as the best players with a speed of 125, which leaves much to be desired. Shivam is, however, up for the task, and with hard work, he is set to be one of the hottest players in India.

Basic Information About the Player

Full Name: Shivam Dube
Nationality: Indian
Age: 28 years old (26th June 1993)
Bat Style: Left-Handed
Teams: India, India Emerging, Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai, India A, Shivaji Park Lions, and Royal Challengers Bangalore
Bowl Style: Right-arm medium

Career Achievements

Shivam struggled at a very young age with fitness, and money didn’t come easy for this young hopeful. He didn’t let this discourage him from his dreams, and he worked hard to get chosen for the Mumbai Under-23 team. His ambition helped him go up the ladder quite fast, and by 2015, he made his T20 debut in the Syed Mushtaq Ali tournament. After his debut, he got to play his first List A game soon after. He has since turned heads with his ball-striking prowess and superb timing.

A 5-wicket haul at his Ranji debut was a dream come true for this promising cricketer. He had a good run with Mumbai, and in an over for the 2018 Ranji Trophy, Shivam caused a stir when he scored five sixes. Bangalore grabbed him while he was still hot, and he played for them in the Indian T20 league of 2019.

He finally gained national recognition in 2019, and he made his debut. He found himself donning the country’s colors which he did with pride. He made his first appearance in T20Is against Bangladesh and soon after an ODI against West Indies the same year.

Things didn’t go too well for Shivam during India’s tour of New Zealand in 2020, as he conceded 34 runs in an over, showing how slow he still is with his bowling. This is considered the most expensive over by any Indian cricketer in T20Is, a record he will need to work hard to get rid of lest it follows him. Shivam says that being an all-rounder means he must work harder than everyone else, especially on his fitness, because he could be called upon to ball or bat or do both. Failing in either of the two takes away what he is good at, doing it all.

Last Matches Played

Shivam hasn’t played as much as other cricketers who started earlier. Here are three of the latest games he played:

1. Shivam has only played a single ODI, and that was on 15th December 2019 against West Indies, which ended in a loss by 8 wickets.

2. His T20I debut against Bangladesh took place on 3rd November 2019 and didn’t go too well as India lost by 7 wickets.

3. The latest match was his last T20I on 2nd February 2020 where India pulled a win against New Zealand by 7 runs.

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