The Bleak Future Of The Women’s Team Puts Afghanistan’s Full Icc Membership In Danger

As the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, many uncertainties associated with the fate of the women of the nation came to being. The rule of the Taliban is based on Sharia Laws, and that can have a negative influence on the rights of the women residing in the country. In addition to discerning global organizations, even the International Cricket Council (ICC) is closely monitoring the socio-political situation in Afghanistan and tracking any potential changes in women’s cricket there.

Odds of Losing a Full ICC Membership

According to reports, ICC Abu Dhabi HQ has been in contact with the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) in Kabul and is trying to effectively understand the implications on cricket, subsequent to the massive political change that took place in the country. For years cricket has been a highly loved game in Afghanistan. Fans across the world used to check out cricket betting tips and enthusiastically predict the outcomes of their matches. But with the current development, many questions have come up based on the future of cricket, especially when it comes to women. The Sharia law might lead to the dismantling of Afghanistan’s women’s cricket team, which would subsequently impact its full membership status with ICC.

ICC maintains a policy that to be a full member of the board, a country must have both men’s and women’s teams. Afghanistan had attained its full membership in the year 2017. But it may lose this status, depending on the future of women’s cricket in the nation.

A Question Mark on Afghanistan‘s Women Cricket Team

The women’s cricket team of Afghanistan also expressed their discontent with the lack of action taken by the ICC after the Taliban took over the country. Roya Samim, a player belonging to the national team, mentioned that they had expected the ICC to step in but instead were left to fend for themselves. Samim and her sisters have already left Afghanistan and taken refuge in Canada. In the year of 2020 twenty-five, women players were given central contracts by the Afghanistan Cricket Board. With the rise of the Taliban in the country, nothing seems to be clear about their cricketing careers.

There is Still Hope in a Few Hearts

While the hopes of many women cricketers are dwindling, Afghanistan Cricket Board’s Shafiqullah Stanikzai still remains optimistic about the growth of cricket in the country. He mentions that cricket in Afghanistan started from refugee camps and has come a long way since then. Pointing out how the country climbed it’s way up to full membership even with limited resources, Stanikzai says that he hopes and prays that cricket in Afghanistan continues to grow. For many, cricket is way more than a sport in the country and has managed to highlight the talent of Afghan youth even in the global community. Many fans from even beyond the country lookup cricket betting tips and bet on the matches played by Afghanistan teams to show their love and support.

The Men’s Team is Still Going Strong

Unlike the women’s team, the future of Afghanistan’s men’s team is relatively secured, and they are likely to participate in the upcoming T20 World Cup as well. ACB and all the national team players of the country are absolutely dedicated towards playing the upcoming ODI series, against Pakistan which would be a crucial match for Afghans around the planet. As this team gears up for their upcoming games, it’s time that fans also get prepared to cheer for them and check out betting tips to make accurate cricket match predictions

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