The Uprising Of Taliban: New Zealand Tour Of Pakistan Looms Under A Cloud Of Uncertainty

The clouds over Pakistan’s Cricket board don’t seem to part ways just yet. After a long haul of 18 years, New Zealand agreed to play Pakistan at the latter’s home. The last time the country toured Pakistan, the series didn’t favor the visitor. Pakistan won all the limited over matches and gained an unassailable lead of 5-0. It was a time when the best cricket betting sites in India didn’t exist, and the fans had no way to place bets that easily. Although, this series has the latest advent of T20s, which the Kiwis will indeed look to win to gain momentum for the World Cup. Apart from the T20’s, the tour will consist of three ODI’s which will take place in Rawalpindi.

A Pilot Survey To Be Done By An Independent Security Consultant

But the recent uprising of the Taliban in Afghanistan has put matters on hold. As a result, New Zealand’s Chief of Players Association has kept a strong reservation for player’s safety in the host country. Heath Mills, Chief Executive of Player’s Association, went on to say that an independent security consultant- Reg Dickason, will be sent prior to the country.

  • The purpose of his visit is to take a pilot survey of Pakistan’s security arrangements. The report generated by the consultant will be shared with the New Zealand board only after 4-5 days.
  • If the reports generated go according to the player’s will, then the scheduled games will take place as decided. But if the reports do not satisfy the player’s and board’s concern- the whole series will have to be alleviated.

That said, Heath Mills parting comments on the issue was that even after receiving a green light for the New Zealand tour of Pakistan, if their security consultant finds any security loopholes with the ongoing series, the players would be called back without further ado. But provided that the series goes ahead as planned, then you can take advantage of using the best cricket betting sites in India.

Unavailability of Star Players

The New Zealand cricket fans won’t be too disappointed if the series stands canceled. As communicated by the country’s cricket board:

  • Kane Williamson, also known as the “banker” because of his calm temperament under pressure, won’t be traveling with the team to Pakistan.
  • Lockie Ferguson, the mustached speedster, is also not part of the squad. Apart from these two,
  • Trent Boult and Kylie Jamieson have reservations about taking part in the Pakistan tour.

The said developments were not made due to security concerns in the sub-continent. The decision was solely based on the players’ desire to participate in the second leg of IPL 2021. The schedule for the second leg is supposed to begin from September 19 and end only the following month by October 15. UAE has been the chosen venue. Fans can actively place their bets using the best cricket betting sites in India.

As per the reports, the ICC T20 World Cup is slated to happen in the Middle Eastern Country of UAE. New Zealand core players will gain an edge in the following series as they’d have played matches on the pitches used in IPL, which will be a default pitch for the World Cup as well. You can use the best cricket betting sites in India to place bets in the matches of the World Cup as well.

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