Tips to predict a fantasy cricket match

What could be a better way to fill time and earn real cash at the same time? Fantasy cricket has both, besides providing the satisfaction of being an authority in cricket. We know how eager you are to jump into the fantasy cricket bandwagon, but not so fast. Since it’s vital to learn the tricks of the trade, let’s run you through some proven cricket betting tips. Once you can preempt how things would pan out in a match, it’s easier to select a winning team.

Weather Conditions:

The weather decides a match’s outcome and player performances. A clear sky is an encouraging sign for the batsmen. With the sun beating down, the pitch loses moisture and the grass on it dries quickly. When that happens, the ball doesn’t swing much and the pitch transforms into a batting paradise. Conversely, overcast conditions favour movement, making life hard for the batsmen. And if it rains, the Duckworth Lewis method comes into play and the overs and target are adjusted. As such, consider the weather forecast and create the playing eleven accordingly.

Pitch Report:

The 22-yard strip is more important than you think for fantasy cricket matches. A grassless, dry pitch is conducive for batting, as the swing is negated outright. It’ll be a run feast with the top order batsman making merry. Dusty and hard pitches often develop cracks as the match progresses, allowing spinners to dominate the proceedings. Likewise, a grassy strip favours swing, which is an ideal condition for bowlers who can extract movement. It’s wise to study the pitch report in detail before going about the team selections. Or else, you are compromising your chances.

Ground Size:

Not all grounds are created equal. Some are smaller with short boundaries. In that case, the batsmen are likely to dominate, as they would clear the fence quite easily, and score big and score quickly. Here, spinners bear the brunt, as they will give more runs and take fewer wickets. You are better off avoiding spinners and spin all-rounders on such grounds. Rather, stuff in four fast bowlers, preferably two death-over specialists who can keep things tight and get wickets.

Head-to-Head Matchup:

Carrying out head-to-head matchups is one of the effective cricket betting tips. The head to heads could involve the two teams or even two key players representing opposite teams. For instance, when India takes on New Zealand, it is worthwhile knowing how Rohit Sharma fared against Trent Boult in the recent past. This gives you a clear idea of how things would pan out. However, ensure the sample size is big. Smaller sample sizes are often misleading.

News and Reviews:

Staying updated on players can help you choose wisely. Just go through the latest team news to know everything you should know to create a winning combination. How has the player performed lately? Against which opposition has he succeeded or failed? Is he facing any injury concerns? If yes, how grave are they? Is he nearing a milestone? All this and more information is readily available for independent online resources and fantasy sports websites.

Learn these terms and join some of the best fantasy league play-offs to enjoy the games.

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