Tips to Predict the Winner in a Cricket Match

Cricket is a game of uncertainties. A match can drift either way with a few quick wickets or a solid partnership. It’s not just performances that decide the game but several other factors also have a role to play. Think wind, rain, light, pitch, umpiring errors, and other natural and human elements. Together, they make it hard to predict the outcome before the final delivery is bowled.

If you are a bettor keen on beating the book, predicting the outcome becomes necessary. Your profits depend on how well you predict the winner. After all, the “Match Winner” is the biggest and the most profitable betting market out there. Join us, as we walk you through a few proven today cricket match prediction tips that can help you forecast right and win big.

1. Team Rankings:

Though not always, team rankings matter. The ranking is a fine indicator of a team’s strength, form, approach, adaptability, recent performances, and more. When predicting the winner, the higher-ranked team is a safe bet. It’s more likely to play the cricket that placed it higher on the leaderboard. The ploy works well for test matches where the team’s abilities are tested to the fullest. But it might backfire in shorter formats, especially in T20s where even a cameo can change the game. However, don’t ignore the underdog outright, as upsets can happen.

2. Home Advantage:

The team playing at home has the upper hand. The home team is playing in its backyard, and hence, knows the playing conditions better than the touring team. The home teams can even have pitches prepared to their strength. Plus, the cheering home crowd is there to keep the team motivated. Suppose when the mighty Indians take on lowly-placed Sri Lanka in India, Indians are the clear favourites. However, if India plays Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka, Indians have to play exceptionally well to negate Sri Lanka’s home advantage and win consistently.

3. Recent Form:

The form is a true indicator of how a given team would perform in the upcoming game. The team in its purple patch is more likely to play well and win. So, one of the best cricket match prediction tips is to research the team’s recent form and base betting decisions accordingly. Just look how the team performed in the last five or six outings to get the gist of its form. Also, consider the opposition against which the team has played. Often, decent teams playing against weak oppositions do exceptionally well but fail miserably against stronger teams.

4. Previous Encounters:

It’s in your best interest to determine how well the two teams have fared against each other in the previous encounters. Just take into account the head-to-head matches between the teams to get a bigger picture of both teams’ strength, weaknesses, form, and other key determinants. Though any team can win on a given day, the team with a better head-to-head record has a better chance. However, it’s important to look for the team combinations when studying the head-to-head matches. A team might perform badly without one or two of its key players.

5. Team Combination:

A team with the right combination is expected to come on top. Let’s say, a team fielding two spinners on a swing-friendly track is likely to end up second. One of the best cricket match prediction tips for today would be to examine the team compositions of both competitors. Find out which team has the batsmen and bowlers to thrive on a given track under given conditions. Also, vouch for the team with more match-winners who can turn the game on its head.

Make sure you follow the teams and players to increase your chances of winning.

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