Top Hockey Betting Markets that Every Punter Need to Know

Some prefer hockey betting just to break the monotony of their daily routine. While others bet in anticipation of a big payday. Whatever your reason for the indulgence, awareness about the available betting markets is necessary. This helps you plan well, enjoy more and earn big.

The hockey markets are no different from other team sports, especially football and ice hockey. But betting markets are subject to the event. A bigger event would have more markets. Here’re the top markets that every punter should know for better hockey betting predictions.

1. 1X2 bet:

In terms of popularity, nothing beats the 1X2 bet. It allows you to bet on any of the 3 achievable results (home win, away win and draw) in a given hockey match. The home win is represented by 1 while away win and draw by 2 and X respectively. Match Betting, FT Result, Three-Way Bet and 1×2 Bet, all mean the same. Let’s consider an example for a better understanding of the market.

Suppose Team “A” (Home Team) with odds of 1.56 is the top dog. Team “B” (Away Team) has higher odds, 9.50, as it’s less likely to win. Draw, the third outcome, is priced at 4.50. If you bet INR 1000 on the home team, which eventually wins, your payouts would be INR 1560. Likewise, you’ll earn INR 9500 and INR 4500 respectively on the other two outcomes for an INR 1000 bet.

2. Double Chance:

If you aren’t good with the international hockey predictions, the Double Chance market is a safe bet. You merge any two outcomes out of the three possible ones to improve your chances of a win. The combination can be represented as 1X, X2, and 12, wherein 1X means home win and draw, X2 stands for away win and draw, and 12 denotes home win and away win.

Suppose you wagered on 1X. Now, the home team wins or levels up, you win in either case. The books offer low odds on Double Chance, since predicting the outcome is a bit easy. The market isn’t as popular as Match Betting. Not many sportsbooks offer it. So, look before you leap.

3. Correct Score:

The name is self-explanatory. Just predict the final score-line accurately and you win. It might sound easy but it isn’t even for a seasoned punter. That’s why the market attracts hefty odds. If you picked 3-2 in favour of the home team but the outcome is 2-3 with the away team winning, you lose. Some books allow you to bet on all three individual periods, first, second and third. As a side note, 3-2 is the commonest outcome in field hockey followed by 4-2.

4. Over/Under Bet:

Over/Under is exactly what it means. The book sets a fixed number of goals that both teams would score in a given encounter. Your job is to predict whether the two teams end up scoring more (Over) or less (Under) goals than the figure set by the book. The odd-makers figure out the two teams’ defence and offence capabilities to determine the over/under value. If you are looking to make the most of it, being good with your hockey betting predictions is crucial.

5. Goal Handicap:

The Goal Handicap is perhaps the most sought-after in hockey betting. You can try it out for its simplicity and attractive odds. Herein, you wager on a scenario where either of the teams has scored a certain number of goals. It can be one, two, three or more. If you get it right, you walk away with hefty winnings. Typically, the market comes into play when an overwhelmingly favourite team meets an underdog. So, consider the odds and bet accordingly.

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