What to research for winning in fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket guarantees more than just entertainment. Imagine creating your virtual cricket team, something you don’t get to do in real life. Now, if the chosen team does well, you earn real cash, recognition as an authority in all things cricket, and some bragging rights. Fantasy cricket is a rare combination of thrill and earnings. That’s why it is so popular.

However, fantasy cricket isn’t that simple. It’s a game of skill requiring you to create a winning combination while keeping the restrictions in mind. This requires some planning and research. Join us, as we explore all the aspects you need to research to get your selections right.

Players’ Form:

The thumb rule in fantasy cricket is to pick in-form players. Someone in his purple patch is more likely to score runs or take wickets than an out-of-form player. The top players often carry their form across matches, which make them a valuable addition to any team. Also, an in-form player often gets more opportunities. He might be promoted up the order where the scope for scoring is more. Prefer going through cricket match news to know how a given player has performed in the previous few matches. As form depends on fitness, knowing the fitness of a player is also vital.

Pitch Behaviour:

Not all pitches are the same. Some favour swing, some offer bounce, some are rank turners, and some are batting paradises. Your selections need to be based on the pitch’s behaviour to win the fantasy contest. Selecting someone like Bhubaneswar Kumar for a swing-friendly pitch or opting for two spinners for a rank turner is advisable. It’s crucial to research how the pitch behaved in the previous 3-4 matches. This would give you a fair idea of what to expect and who to choose. With venue stats easily available on online resources, researching the pitch is easy and quick.

The Uncapped Players:

Established names, such as Kohli or AB, are proven performers. However, they are too costly. Having many such stars in your team can consume all your selection credits, leaving you with virtually nothing to select the rest of the team with. That’s where uncapped players kick in. They are yet to make their international debut, hence very cheap. But they have the talent to perform well and earn you some points. It’s wise to track such players’ stats in age cricket and “A” games for informed selections. Go through the latest cricket news covering them extensively.

Captain and Vice-captain:

A captain earns you double the points than a normal player, while the vice-captain, 1.5 times. It makes sense to research well before choosing your captain and vice-captain. Prefer all-rounders for the role of captain and vice-captain, as they can fetch you points with both, bat and ball. But ensure the all-rounder bowls the full quota of his overs and bat high in the order. Also, research whether the all-rounder suits the pitch. Having a spinner-all-rounder for a seaming track isn’t advisable. If you prefer a bowler as a captain, go for a death-over specialist who would get you more wickets. For batting-friendly pitches, prefer top-order batsmen who can play long innings.

The Game Plan:

You require experimenting with new approaches and strategies to win consistently. Or else, you will run out of strategies after a while. It’s all about studying selection strategies, team balance, weather, and other aspects to create a winning game plan. If a game plan has been delivered once, it might not be successful the next time. Suppose, you went with 5 batsmen, 3 bowlers and 2 all-rounders for a match on a batting-friendly pitch. However, it won’t work on a pitch conducive to pace and bounce. Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading cricket match news and reviews. That will help you create need-based game plans for each match.

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