Why is Fantasy Cricket Right for you

Fantasy cricket is an unconditional love for over ten million Indians. If you are yet to play the virtual sport, it’s time to get started. Cricket has resumed amid the pandemic under the biosecure bubble. With many big events scheduled in the coming months, you’ll have plenty to play and improve your chances of a win. If you are still reluctant, let’s give you a few reasons to think otherwise.

1.For the Love of Cricket:

So, you are a cricket buff, like a billion other Indians. Why watch it from the sidelines when you can engage in the action? Just step in the shoes of a selector and pick your own eleven. It allows you to connect with the game you have grown up admiring and be a part of a growing community. As a cricket buff, how can you let the fantasy cricket advantage pass up?

2. The Next Level Entertainment:

The virtual sport has a simple yet riveting format. You need to select your own eleven while keeping in mind the selection credits and other restrictions. Your ingenuity, cricket knowledge and practicality will be fully tested, taking your entertainment to the next level. The game is your opportunity to beat the monotony of daily life and make the most of your free time. With the pandemic forcing us indoors, virtual sport is perhaps the best way to stay entertained.

3. Just Coin It:

The virtual sport is your chance to monetize your passion for online cricket. Your selected team would be competing with those of fellow users. If it performs better than theirs, you earn real cash. Often in lakhs, the returns are many times the deposits you make to enter these contests. With cricket being played around the year, you have plenty to play and hope for a huge win. Your winnings are directly transferred to your account so that you don’t have a problem withdrawing them.

4. It’s Skill based:

It’s a game of skill, requiring some mental ability on your part. Chance has a little role in the outcomes. Just test your cricketing skills, enjoy some quality entertainment, and increase your chances of earning decent cash without worrying about breaking the law.

5. Learn to Manage Emotions:

It’s human enough to have emotional overflows. Besides entertaining and helping you earn, the virtual sport is a good teacher. As a game of skill, it teaches you how to control those negative emotions, including complacency, fear, and bias while promoting rationality. You apply reason to select the best possible team while keeping favouritism and the fear of losing at bay.

6. Aplenty Playing Avenues:

On the last count, about 70 fantasy league platforms are catering to Indian fantasy leagues. Just find a reliable platform to start your indulgence. All you need is a gadget (Smartphone, tab or PC) and a steady internet. With the kind of penetration that the internet and smartphones have achieved in India, accessing fantasy cricket is a reality for any aspiring leaguers.

7. Secure and Private:

The fantasy sports platforms are secure and reliable. They operate with proper licenses, which make them legal entities. These platforms are required to put measures in place to safeguard your deposits, winnings and personal information. There are black sheep though, they are far and few between. If you choose well, you can always expect a secure and private experience.

8. Bragging Rights:

Your friends and colleagues might be showing off their cricket awareness and planning abilities. It’s time to give them a shut-up call and stamp your authority. Just challenge those braggers in a fantasy league and beat them fair and square to earn some well-deserved bragging right.

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